It may be totally cliché to write an article about what I’m thankful for on this particular day, but I’m a sucker for cliché so buckle up buttercup…


I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without the support of my family. My Mom and Dad helped me buy my first computer, picked up computer magazines for me on their way home from work, and supported me in every way while this computer thing was a hobby all the way through to a career. I have already written a story about how my Dad’s influence in my career and Mom has also been great in supporting me at every turn.

My wife and daughter have made some huge sacrifices to help my career. When I was writing books my wife would come home from work and spend the entire evening working around the house and running our daughter to her events. To this day they are understanding when I have to spend an evening in my office. It doesn’t happen as often now as it did before, but they are always willing to help me in any way. I love them both more than anything in the world.


Just the other night I was very stressed and needed a break. Between my day job, trying to find time to complete vDM30in30 posts, and helping a friend with an upgrade at his business, I was all work and no play. My wife and daughter (as mentioned above) could see this and understood I needed a break. I went to the monthly “game night” with some friends. We get together once a month to play board games, eat dinner, and solve all the world’s problems. Within five minutes of arriving I was already in a much better mood. Today I took a trip to the barber shop to relay all of our world problem solutions to the gang there and then I had a great lunch with a new friend to talk philosophy, cars, and technology. Thanks Kyle and Rich!


This is a tough category because a lot of the people in my “peer” list bleed over to “friend” list. Byron Schaller (@byronschaller) is one of those. I’ve known Byron for about 15 years now. We were co-workers for a few years and stayed in touch over the years. This year when I started getting more involved in the community I reached out Byron to talk with him and I received some advice. We talk quite often now and have met up at the VMUG Indy and Chicago conferences. While watching him on Virtual Design Master season two I was introduced to a great group of people which led to connections with Melissa Palmer (@vmiss33), Eric Wright (@discoposse), and Angelo Luciani (@AngeloLuciani). That led to the vDM30in30 challenge where I have met a lot of great people. I even got to hang out with some of them at the Indy and Chicago VMUG conferences. There are too many to list but you can follow the list of participants here: #vDM30in30 Gang


One person resides on all three lists. Brad Price (@captmilo) is not only my brother, but also one of my best friends. We have been co-workers and have owned a business together. I’m not sure I would be where I am today without his influence. I bought my first computer from him when I was barely a teenager. Not a single decision in my career was made without some advice and input from him. We talk almost daily and most of that is spent trying to get him to share some of his System Center knowledge on twitter and this blog. He’ll come around at some point I’m sure, maybe with some pressure from this awesome community. Thanks Brad, for always being a mentor to me in my career and in life.

As I watch the Cowboys (hopefully) put the hurt on the Eagles later today, I will take some time away from the computer and reflect on all of these things and more. Even though I’m on a journey to reboot my career, I still love what I do and I’m shocked that I actually get paid to do what I love on a daily basis. I’m very lucky, and thankful for every bit of it.