#vDM30in30 Recap

I guess I should call it the vDM24in30 since I was unable to complete the entire challenge. I was on a good pace until the final week but a few things crept up to keep me from finishing. If it was vDM20in20 I would have been golden.

I’ll be completely honest in saying that the main thing that kept me from completing the challenge was the fact that I simply hit a wall and just couldn’t continue the way I had planned from the beginning. My goal from the beginning was to really push myself and only come up with 15 ideas ahead of time and then write the blog the day of submission and not write anything in advance.

This worked well in the beginning but by the end if I did come up with ideas I found that I simply didn’t have time to really give them the time they deserved. A few of my posts toward the end I felt were weak. I was so busy with work, family commitments, and work on our house that I rushed them out. I didn’t have to look back at them to see how weak they were, I knew when I clicked “publish”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad I did the exercise and I would do it again. It definitely got me out of a writing slump I have been in for a long time. I’m actually a little surprised I got 24 posts done considering how I felt about it when I completed my first post.

I’m amazed that some of the participants were still cranking out quality posts on day 30. My hat goes off to everyone who actually completed all 30 and I wish I could have but my last six posts would have been garbage. I have a few that I want to pull back up and spend a little more time with to get them exactly how I want them.


  1. One a day is too much. I will continue to write every day but I will not publish every day. I see the value in taking the time to craft a good post and I’m going into “quality over quantity” mode now. I also found that I don’t have as much time to write as I thought I would. Between my day job and my daughter’s after school and weekend activities, I don’t have a lot of time each day to spend learning new things and writing about them. Unfortunately, I could only spent between 30 to 90 minutes on each post. That is really all I had time for. I would like to think I could post once a week with this schedule so we’ll see how it goes.
  2. I am not where I want to be technically. When I started this I commented that I wouldn’t have very many technical posts. I only wrote a couple of technical posts and thought that I would save some of that for later articles. The tech topics I wanted to write about required more prep than I had time for. I will save them for future posts, but for those particular topics I couldn’t sit down and blast through a post in an hour or two.
  3. I’m connected to some wicked-smart people. I was really impressed with the quality of posts from the entire group especially considering the quantity of posts for the month. I would usually hold off on reading other posts until I had submitted mine so I wouldn’t get distracted. Every day I wondered how everyone could still post quality information day after day while what I was pushing out was very mediocre.

Will I do it again next year? Hell yes! But I’ll be more prepared. This year was all about pushing myself to blast through a major writing block and forming good habits. Next time I will be in a good writing groove and will be able to write more technical posts in shorter timeframes.

Thanks to everyone who participated for the awesome posts, behind-the-scenes encouragement, and motivation to continue writing now that #vDM30in30 is over for now.