Keeping A Promise

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last week deciding on what to do with my blog for 2015. Don’t worry, I won’t be doing any tech predictions. I’m terrible at them and my stock portfolio is proof of that. My goal for 2015 is to continue the writing habit that was started with a bang in November with the vDM30in30 challenge. I took most of December off for a few reasons; I was a little burnt out, December is a crazy month due to year-end activities, and I also took some time off around the holidays.

When deciding what to tackle first on the blog I have decided to keep a promise I made with a few people to walk all the way through some VMware certification exams. My goal is to do an expanded certification study series. Instead of just studying for the exam, I would like to expand the knowledge of each topic to include real-world examples and dive into the technology a little deeper than just knowing it for the exam. Each post will be a small bite-size nugget of info about a section of the exam along with valuable links to whitepapers or other blog posts that are valuable for that section of the exam.

I know that this may be old news to a lot of my readers but knowledge sharing and helping people at a roots level is something I have always promised myself I would do. I’m keeping a promise to a small group of readers as well as a promise to myself to help others in the way I was helped when I first started out. Pass this along to anyone else that you know that is just starting their journey with VMware.

Next up… A detailed look at the VMware certification tracks and what you can expect from each one.