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I have updated my “About Me” page due to the fact that I am looking for new a new challenge. If you are interested in talking with me about how I can add value to your organization, please contact me at any of the links at the end of this page.

I’ve been in the IT industry for 19 years now. In that time I’ve worn a lot of different hats and worked with a lot of different technologies. My first job was as a Desktop Administrator for a healthcare organization. I quickly moved up the ranks to LAN Admin and started working with a new product at the time called Citrix WinFrame.

I was very intrigued by the technology and quickly found myself learning everything I could about it. I soon landed my first job in the consulting world and that is where I have been the majority of my career. During this time (1998 – 2002) I was also approached to write a certification book on Citrix MetaFrame. I jumped at the chance and began my foray into writing.

In the years that followed (2003 – 2008) I wrote a little more on Citrix and branched out into some Microsoft technologies. I was in constant learning mode and I couldn’t have been happier. I love learning about new technologies and helping businesses utilize technology to become more efficient.

I was then hired by a Microsoft partner to help build a Citrix practice. I worked with the sales team, consultants, and systems engineers to help develop a new practice around this new (to them) technology. I was also starting to play around with a new technology that was in its infancy called server virtualization.

We were very successful, so I was tasked with doing the same thing with other new technologies and offerings. For the good of the company I stepped away from the virtualization area and changed focus to start working in the messaging, collaboration, and compliance area. Again I found myself helping build a solution offering from a technical standpoint, but I also stepped away from virtualization right as it was gaining momentum and was on the upswing.

I my latest role I worked with a private and hybrid cloud software suite of products that provided a dynamic workspace and some data center automation tools.

As an Enterprise Cloud Architect I was responsible for technical presales of our software suite, providing product presentations and demos as well as workshops with clients to discuss both technical and business benefits of using a private or hybrid cloud solution. As a Technical Account Manager I was responsible for technical and sales training for our channel partners.

I have worked with a lot of different technologies so I am willing to look at opportunities in a number of different areas whether it is End User Computing, Virtualizaiton, Server and Data Center Automation, or Cloud. I am also interested in roles that are focused on technical presales, architecture, technical marketing, technical account management, etc.

I can be reached via email at jprice@zygort.com

Twitter – @JohnAPrice29

LinkedIn – John A Price

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