As my current home lab nears its 3rd birthday, I find myself wanting to upgrade so I can expand the type of work I do in the lab. When I built it in December of 2011, I got equipment that would last for a long time and so far it has proven to be a great setup. The only problem is that it is a single server environment and I can’t do much live migration testing or anything else that requires more than one server.Continue reading

When I bought my first car I didn’t have much money to spend so as a lot of teenagers do, I bought a “beater” car for less money than I’ve spent on one tire on my newest car. It did what I wanted it to do at the time; get me from point A to point B on my own schedule and without having to rely on my older brothers to take me places. I had freedom, but that freedom came with a price. The car was constantly breaking down.Continue reading

A few days ago fellow vDM30in30 participant Gina Minks wrote a great piece on her blog site titled “The First Story I Never Wanted to Leave” and challenged the other participants to do the same. It’s a nice departure from writing about IT and Career stuff.

I would often borrow books from my brother’s room but at my age I would get bored with them or I wouldn’t quite understand them and give up on them very quickly, falling back to my Baseball Digest and Sport magazines. He was in his late teens and into science fiction, fantasy, and all things that I found somewhat boring at the time. Truth is, I just wasn’t ready for them at the age of 10.Continue reading

Every employer wants to have the “team player”. You hear it in interview questions. They are interview buzzwords. Depending on your personality type, your take on being a team player may be different from other people. The general consensus is that playing team sports is a great thing for your career. It builds your teamwork skills and helps you think beyond being an individual. Many good things can come from being a member of a team, but there is one area where it could be bad for you.Continue reading

A few days ago James Brown created a post for vDM30in30 titled My Influence, My Rock. He very eloquently stated how his wife is his influence in getting into writing and is his driving force in his career. I didn’t know what to write about for today’s entry until I was at my daughter’s gymnastics event earlier today. I thought about James’ blog entry, so I’m going to use him as inspiration and blatantly copy him and write about how my daughter is my rock.Continue reading

I bought into the hype and purchased a Surface Pro 3 about six weeks ago. I have always been a sucker when it comes to new hardware. I usually upgrade my phone way before I am eligible for upgrade pricing, and I bought an iPad the day it was launched. I upgraded to an iPad 2 soon after that and then thought I would give Android a shot after about a year and gave the iPad 2 to my wife. My Android tablet was the Nexus 7 which was a wonderful device. I have used many different tablets and laptops but I’ve never been completely happy with one or the other until now.

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This post may be lost on my usual crowd and I may be preaching to the choir with them, so this post is geared more toward some of my other connections on Facebook for example, who may not employ the best password practices.

You can’t get away from news about security breaches involving popular retailers lately. “Hackers” are stealing usernames, passwords, credit card information, social security numbers, etc. at an alarming rate. You may have seen stories recently that suggested you should change your passwords on eBay, PayPal, or other sites shortly after one of these security breaches. There are a number of reasons why this is important, but you shouldn’t stop at just changing your password.

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During the vDM30in30 challenge, my blogs have been a little light on technical information. This is by design. I want to try to work out some of my writing blocks and bad habits with topics that allow me to write a little more “free-flowing” we’ll say. For my first technical post I will give an overview of the product I work with on a daily basis. Continue reading

For a long time I would dread the whiteboard. I have never been very artistic and I still can’t draw very well to this day. Early in my career my role changed and I started to do more technical briefings and discuss technology more in-depth. I realized that I needed to work on my whiteboarding skills. I was always good at explaining things, but adding a visual element really helps to solidify ideas and concepts. I was good at some of the basics but needed help with some of the advanced technical drawing. Active Directory triangles and arrows are pretty easy, but I needed to expand my drawing repertoire.

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