VMware has never been my main work focus in the past so I was never able to sit the course to qualify for the certification exam. I’ve been a Microsoft guy for a long time but I have worked with VMware in the past. I really didn’t want to invest my own personal money and time to take the required course. I have other dumb hobbies that could make better use of that time and money.Continue reading

Could a new Microsoft advanced certification be on the horizon? I realize this isn’t earth-shattering news and I’m not the first to suggest this. Since the announcement last year that the Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) and Microsoft Certified Master (MCM) certifications were going away people have been speculating whether they would be replaced, and what could possibly take their place. Continue reading

My idea for today’s post is about trying to decide between investing training time in new skills and expanding on the skills you already have. I am going through this right now. I have a long history with Microsoft products and only recently started working with VMware. I do have to admit how much I love the VMware community. I’ve met and talked with a lot of great people over the last few months. There is a lot to learn however. Continue reading

Another vDM30in30 participant (@vmiss33) posted a link to a song that was playing while she wrote her blog entry. I happen to be listening to Social Distortion today as I type this. One of their popular early songs is “Story of My Life”. Link to video at the end of the article, blatant rip off of title at the beginning.

The third installment of the vDM30in30 “30 Blogs in 30 Days” challenge may actually be more of a “challenge” than I thought. Continue reading

Thanks for putting up with a series of non-technical posts. I will get to that, but a good portion of my vDM30in30 challenge is to work through my career reboot process. I believe getting my thoughts “on paper” will really help the process. To do that I need to reflect on my career and find what motivates me and has made me happy in the past. Sunday is also a good day for a lighter subject as well, so I’ll go with that excuse.

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It’s amazing what can happen when you are cruising Twitter at just the right time. I’ve been spending a lot of time over the last four months becoming more active in the community. During this short time I’ve (virtually and IRL) met some great people. I can’t get over how great this community is, as you will see from a future vDM30in30 blog entry.

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